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Insight effortlessly handles visitor questions. Deliver valuable information about your items through a chat anytime and convert better.

A new path for users to find the right products

Your product description is the foundation of the bot's knowledge — leverage it for smart recommendations. Let visitors discover hidden gems in your store through conversation with an AI chatbot.

Ecommerce bot launched in 48 hours

Get your AI-powered Ecommerce Bot up and running in just 48 hours, transforming your customer interactions.

Chatbot trained on your catalog data

It's trained on your catalog data, ensuring personalized recommendations and seamless customer support.

Unlock a 25% Revenue Boost

Increase your profits with Insight.
Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your bottom line.

How it works

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  • 1,000 messages per month

  • 2 weeks-free-trial

  • Cancel any time

  • * Extra 1,000 messages +$30

What people say

I was unsure about the need for an AI-bot, as the majority of my traffic came from specific product requests.
However, I decided to give it a try. Surprisingly, some visitors enjoyed using the chatbot to explore and learn new things about our offerings.
I'd like to see how it will further enhance customer interactions.
Yousuf York
Owner at Clocky

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